WiPaM Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine is remote medicine using the latest telecommunication technologies, like Internet, Wi-Fi, GSM, SMS, MMS and Bluetooth.

WiPaM is a telemedicine platform that collects medical data from various sources and presents them as a total report to the healthcare professionnal.

In telehomecare patients are equiped with a medical device with transmission capabilities.

Uploading diagnostic tests from the physicians office is also possible: telediagnosis.

A combination of both sources of data creates a complete network around the patient, involving every healthcare professionnal that is involved in the patients follow-up. WiPaM is extensively used in clinical trials.


WiPaM: Wireless Patient Monitoring

The WiPaM platform receives data from medical homecare devices that the patient uses to perform medical tests in his home. All the healthcare workers that are involved in the patients follow-up can consult these data in real-time.

telemedical network

WiPaM Telemedicine Network: patient - general practitioner - specialist

WiPaM is perfectly adapted to be used as a network between all health care entities.

clinical trials

Clinical Trials: platform for clinical trials

WiPaM permits a daily update of clinical trial results.


Mobile telemedicine applications

IXSyS develops mobile applications for tele-education and telemedicine.

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