Company Information

IXSyS was founded in 1999 as a software company that develops technology and standards for exchange of medical data between different software systems.

An important IXSyS development was the XML interface used for communication between Electronic Medical Records and software of PC-based medical devices. The last few years, IXSyS has entered a new, exciting field of medicine: telemedicine.

We developed the first version of the WiPaM telemedicine platform in 2007. Since then the platform has had several updates and added features.

Our focus has always been to develop a homecare solution than can be used for every chronic pathology so that one platform can be used for all patients.

In July 2015 IXSyS was acquired by RDSM, a well known and reliable medical equipment supplier and now works as a division of RDSM.

IXSyS can now offer you a complete telemedical package: a complete webbased telemedical solution and top quality medical equipment at very competitive prices.


IXSyS developed WiPaM (Wireless Patient Monitoring), a platform that allows a reliable follow-up of patients in the comfort of their home.

The platform has been developed with 3 priorities: security, reliability and ease of use.

Medical Devices

IXSyS can offer you a unique range of medical devices. We are known for our excellent after sales service.

Products in our range include spirometers, ECG devices, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters and patient monitors. Most of our devices can be linked to WiPaM

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